Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 2 - Like a Rock!

Well, another week, another 3 lbs. 40 to reach my anniversary goal, 50 to reach my target goal. including this week, i have 19 weeks to get to the first milestone. That means 2.1 lbs per week. if i stay on trend, I'll have hit my target weight in 17 weeks!!!! ZERO CHEATS. 100% DEDICATION.

Feeling even better over all, very loose and fluid. Still getting to bed too late and having a hard time getting up in the morning, but I'm DOING IT!

So far, 15 days without a cheat. that includes friday night bible study, saturday night fights, disneyland on sunday, and family over for BBQ yesterday. What did I say no to? pizza, tamales, refried beans, spanish rice, donuts, chips & dips, fried chicken & fixins, philipino meat pastry, cookies, ice cream, and the rest. LIKE A ROCK! 

One of our friends asked me on friday night as everyone was eating chocolate covered croissants and cocoa "how do you do it?" The answer was pretty simple. I've made up my mind that I'm going to do this. Then she asked "are you going to stick with it after you get there or go back?" I actually had to sit there and think about it for a minute. Being the extremist that I am, I have never lived in any form of moderation. So I guess I'm either going to have to learn how to do so or be an extremist. But I will NEVER go back. I've found the tools that I've so desperately needed for so many years and I am putting them to use. 

I've experienced my seismic shift, and everyday is an aftershock.

Schedule was bonkers this weekend but i stuck to my guns. I made sure to schedule my food in decent intervals, watched my carb intake if i had to eat late for whatever reason, but mostly tried to get it all in by 8 whenever possible. I did have to resort to a couple of 'nutrition bars'  when confronted with emergencies, but i will not rely on them. Still no 'on purpose' gluten, dairy or sugar. No coffee or soda. I really don't miss it at all. 

Went out an bought a new gas grill to facilitate mass cooking of chicken etc. Found out just how much I LOVE my steamer. I'm starting to make a personal science out of it. You have to if you are going to make this thing fit your life.

After a late session of Fat Burner, i sat and previewed the other DVD's: Red Hot Core, Below the Belt and Diamond Cutter. I decided to switch it up this week and do Fat Burner on MWF and Below the Belt on TTH. let me tell you, BTB had my heart rate ZINGING!!! I was getting light headed, heart was pounding, breathing heavy, IT WAS GREAT!!! I think I'll add RHC to my evenings on the days I do FB. I'll probably flip flop the days I do FB and BTB every other week until i can work up to diamond cutter, hopefully in a month or so. 

I've determined to keep pushing myself as hard as i can. When I'm alone on the mat, the only one I'm accountable to is me. If I want results, I have to be running at top level. The one thing I am very thankful for about Body For Life is that it taught me how to push to and work through level 10 difficulties. It is a completely mental game. You can, if you desire, push yourself to unbelievable limits simply by willing yourself to do so. Your body does have its limits, and it will let you know when you reach them, but more often than not, our brains give out long before our bodies. I want my body screaming bloody murder and literally quitting on me because I will not give up!

Week 2 Results

Week 2 Day 1
Weight 213 lbs

Week 3 Day 1
Weight 210 lbs

Net loss 3 lbs

Awesome! in 2 weeks I managed to knock off 20% of my 50 lbs by Oct 3 goal

Week 2 workout schedule
Mon, Tues: Energy!
Wed-Fri: Fat Burner

Friday, May 22, 2009

The 5 P's Part 2
I cant tell you just how much preparation plays a vital role in the success of your YRG / physical transformation journey. I learned after a few fizzled attempts that without a game plan, i was destined to fail. Not because I'm a failure, or even failure prone, but because in our busy lives it is just easy to get distracted or find ourselves without the tools necessary for success....preparation.
Today, we'll discuss planning and preparing nutrition. The first step is to read and memorize the nutrition section of the book. Why is it so important? Although exercise is a huge component of any physical transformation, it is nutrition that enables the body to do what it has to do to build muscle, shed fat, re-energize, and become a high efficiency performance machine. If you don't give your body what it needs when it needs it, you will feel off balance, unmotivated, sluggish, tired, and a whole host of other things that dampen success.
Myself, i took about three weeks of lead time after making the decision to transform my life and buying the book before i took one step onto the mat. Instead of diving in without knowing what was in there, I took a week or two to learn how to shop, cook and eat properly so that i would be over the initial shock, and could hit the ground running. I pored over the food lists and picked out the things i like, looked at some of the recipes, scoured the internet for information, and took notes, made lists, and made a plan.
Preparing for success is as simple as what you would normally do in your everyday life. You need groceries, you make a list, you visit the store. Simple. Its the same here. Take the time on a Saturday to sit down and map out every meal for 6 days (including supplements if necessary). Once you have your meals planned, figure what ingredients you'll need to successfully prepare healthy, delicious food to fuel your efforts.
Once you've got everything together, take some time to pre-cook anything you can. I usually grill or bake a package of chicken breast, make a big pot of brown rice, keep plenty of frozen and canned (no salt added) vegetables so that i can whip up a meal in about 5 minutes. I like to chop a bunch of raw vegetables for munching too.

Nutrition tip for beginners:
Follow the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) in the first week or two.
Don't try to wow yourself with extravagant recipes from the get-go. Even if it means a little boredom, you might even want to repeat some meals for the sake of ease. Concentrate on learning HOW to eat for life, then once you have a firm grasp on the routine, feel free to stretch your culinary legs a little bit.
By mapping out (preparation, planning ahead) every step, you'll find your nutrition plan more organized and easier to execute. and you haven't even hit the mat yet. If you learn to discipline yourself early on, in time it will become like second nature and you wont even need to think. It becomes a way of life just like buying chips, soda, junk food and fast food was. You never thought twice about buying that stuff, and it was killing you. Take a minute or two to organize and set up a nutrition game plan to ensure success daily.
Proper Preparation Prevents Potential Problems

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Today's tip: The 5 P's
Proper Preparation Prevents Potential Problems.
There will be a few day's worth on this topic to cover the different aspects.
Today we discuss the preperation that has to take place before you even take your first step into a gym or workout routine. Its the mental preparation that is necessary to program your psyche for success.
All too often, people who enter into endeavors of all manner start off great but slowly fizzle and fail. Do they lack something that successful people have? In short, Yes. They lack the mental fortitude that it takes to accomplish something as important as transforming your body and life.
You see, many successful people, but for the sake of discussion, people who are successful at physical transformation are prepared to do whatever it takes to experience the finish line. But what does that mean? What it means is is that they have accepted the fact that this endeavor will be CHALLENGING, it will be WORK, it might be PAINFUL, and it might be UNCOMFORTABLE. They have had to prepare mentally for the things that they will experience physically, emotionally and mentally. Much like a mountain climber surveying their challenge, they have taken the time to think out the route, the ascent. They have taken time to analyze their resources and how to best utilize them for success. They have determined in advance that the goal lies at the peak of the mountain and not somewhere along the slope, and have determined in advance to meet that goal at any cost. Second rate, compromised efforts are not a part of the successful person's game plan.
So what does that have to do with YRG? Well, i can tell you from personal experience that the little cliche phrase "Failing to plan is planning to fail" is the most important thing in this whole thing. Just like an experienced, successful mountain climber doesn't just show up at the base of the slope and make the plan up as he goes, neither can anyone who wishes to be successful at YRG. In order to be successful you must have read and re-read the game plan, memorized it, understood it, worked it out mentally, written it out and PLANNED IT AHEAD. You can't just unroll your mat, open to page one and expect to get rolling in no time flat. You have to have a game plan before you buy one chicken breast, one gluten free cereal, take one deep breath, make one single diamond cutter, or take one single measurement.
By understanding the task and working through it mentally, planning for contingencies, having a back up plan and committing yourself 100% to success BEFORE ever taking the first step, you in essence work toward ensuring your own success. It works much better than just 'seeing how it goes'
Proper Preparation Prevents Potential Problems

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Week 1 Results

Week 1 Day 1
Weight 221 lbs

Week 2 Day 1
Weight 213 Lbs

Net loss: 8lbs

Now that my friends, is results.
I have enough experience to know that a shock to the system like this can produce dramatic short term weight loss. My goal is to work it of  at about 2.5 lbs per week. anything much greater than that and i could be losing the wrong kind of weight. 

Either way, after 1 week, i'm almost 20% closer to my goal of 50 lbs in 5 months.

Week 1 - At a Glance

What a week! I must say I'm pretty darn proud of myself. I was able to stick to a pretty strict phase 2 routine all week. managed to avoid all of my vices: coffee, sugar, bread, cheese (gluten and dairy altogether except for 1 slice of bread on day 1). I feel mentally sharper and physically lighter and looser. Even my shoes feel looser. I managed to avoid catastrophe and panic when confronted with pizza and sweets. I was able to eat on plan at 3 different restaurants, and I got more done than in the whole month past.

This whole thing is a measure of mental toughness. Once you make up your mind, there is no second option. No turning back. You have to be prepared to tackle all the obstacles and food crisis in a calm and sensible manner. Yes, you can tell the restaurants how you want your food prepared. Yes, you can plan and prepare ahead to account for time crunches. Yes, you can eat sensibly on the run. Yes, you must force yourself out of bed EVERY day and exercise. Physically almost anyone can do it, but its the mental toughness that determines if they do. Mental toughness is simply saying i will do this and i wont do that and not deviating from it. I will push through this position and not drop to my knee. I will endure the discomfort of exercise and not take the easy way out. I will eat right at all costs. I will not cheat. I will create new habits. I will not revert to bad habits.

It was a great week and i feel great. I think I'll do YRG Energy for the first two days of week two then move on to Fat Burner.

Here's a great recipe I concocted. I made a ton and saved it in the refrigerator to use as needed. use your imagination and come up with similar combinations for a quick and convenient meal.

Chopped Vegetable Salad: (quantities as desired)
Jicama, carrot, celery, radish, red onion, corn, red and green bell pepper.
Dice all vegetables and place in large bowl. Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar. add fresh lemon juice. sea salt and black pepper to taste. mix well and refrigerate overnight in sealed container to allow flavors to combine.

Serve over a bed of mixed greens and add black beans and chicken or salmon for a hearty meal, or add 1/2 portion protein for a quick and delicious snack.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

3rd time is a...

They say if you can do something habitually for 28 days, you have the best chance of making it stick. I guess i have about 25 days to go...

In the YRG Guidebook, it outlines 3 different approaches for beginners to advanced users. The beginners plan calls for workouts from the first DVD every other day for the first 2 and a half weeks. I've decided that if I'm going to do this, taking days off cannot be part of the program. It gives me far too many opportunities to fall off and start making excuses. They tell alcoholics to get to a meeting every day with out fail for the firs however many days. This is kinda the same thing. It forces me to have this mental showdown with myself every day. I may hit the snooze button once more than i should, but I'm making it happen. I think its the right thing for me. I'm something of a all or nothing type of guy, so half speed is not an option. I'm gonna shoot for the Fat Burner workout at the start of week 3, 5 days a week. I'm gonna KILL this thing.

This whole deal has been a trip. I can already feel the changes in my flexibility, mental attitude and energy levels. I feel like I'm walking funny, like my feet don't weigh a ton any more. I feel sorta loosey-goosey.

The rest of Day 3 was ROUGH. I had never realized how much caffeine, sugar, fat and simple carbs I took in on a daily basis. All day i felt like i had a hangover in my head. I just kept slugging back water but it really didn't help much. Withdrawals SUCK!

Had an opportunity to have a little something of a personal victory today and avoided a potential tragedy. Wednesdays and thursdays are kinda rough on my schedule. I have to be at church by 7 both nites and usually dont get out 'til about 9. So how am I supposed to stay on my eating schedule? I got home late from work and had just enough time t o shower and head out the door. Do i just not eat and run the risk of a melt down after church? so i grab some drive thru and hate myself afterwards? what to do???

Luckily, I took DDP's advice and have added a big portion of greens to my lunch which has carried me longer during the afternoon. So around 6:30 i really wasn't all that hungry, but i didn't  know how hungry I'd get. Okay now, breathe. Think this thru. Time to live in the real world. Solution: "nutrition bar". I know, I know, but i had to do something. My wife keeps a ton of these things in the cabinet so i searched thru them and found the one that looked like it would do the least damage. Surprisingly it was freaking delicious and satisfied a little sweet tooth at the same time.

So church lets out and its about 9. Now I had a hankering for a big ol' chopped vegetable salad (!) all day but I didn't have the fixings at the house, so off to the store. I found a grocery store that has a pretty darn good mix of produce. By the time i got home and done mixing it up, it was a little after 10 and i just was not hungry enough to justify making a big ol' bowl of food, and i didn't want all that food sitting in my gut while i slept so i just munched on a piece of chicken I had cooked earlier and a stalk of celery and some organic natural peanut butter. I went to bed satisfied but not stuffed.

Day 3

See Day 2

Mid Morning Snack
See Day 2

See Day 3
mixed green salad with radish, cucumber, and carrot

Afternoon Snack
Protein - 1/2 portion Chicken breast
Handful natural unsalted nuts

Dinner Snack
1/2 portion chicken
1 Tbsp organic natural peanut butter
celery stalk

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2nd verse, same as the first...

Well, almost. I managed to get up a little earlier and hit the ground running. Its weird just rolling out of bed, into the kitchen, then onto the mat. In the old days, i had to drive to the gym, so i had an extra ten minutes to find my bearings. But in a way this is cool because it forces me to wake up and get focused immediately. sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

I know its only been two days, but it seems that slipping back into a routine is not that difficult at all. I used to live like this, but at some point I abandoned ship. Now that I'm back on board, it feels like business as usual. The interesting thing is that when you set your mentality towards something, it has an effect on your overall being. Even after just two days I feel more alive, accomplished and focused than I have in years. I can feel my body wanting to rejuvenate and my mind wanting to charge ahead.

i didn't make to many changes to my nutrition on day 2 except that swapped bread for potato at breakfast, I spaced my meals a little differently and I changed my afternoon snack to a salad with a half portion of chicken instead of fruit. I would say it made a big difference. I had a better energy curve all day. By about 6:30 pm I was feeling pretty beat physically, so i took an opportunity to grab a quick nap and intermittently check in on the NBA finals. 

When I got up, it was dinner time so i just went in and hit it. As for me, I am a creature of habit. I find it much easier to just do the same thing over and over. It requires far less thought when it comes to shopping and preparing meals. Of course like everyone I get bored, so I have about three go to items that i can use to switch things up. Its tough coming off of the bad habits I've developed back into eating clean but its worth it. In the past I could run right out and buy whatever i was craving, mexican, chinese, burgers, italian, you name it. Now I'm having to look at food less as a pleasure point but as a business tool. I eat to live instead of living to eat.

I think this exercise thing is already working. By 11 i didn't even have the energy to talk so off to bed. I think I'm gonna like this.

Day 2
Breakfast 8 am
See Day 1
Carb - 1 potato, medium, seasoned and browned in a little cooking spray

Mid morning snack 11 am
fruit - grapes and strawberries

Lunch 2 pm
See Day 1

Afternoon snack 4:30 pm
vegetables - mixed green salad with light balsamic vinaigrette
protein - half portion chicken

Dinner 8 pm
See Day 1

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 1. Its in the bag.

Well, I crossed my first hurdle. I Got through day 1. It wasn't without it's challenges, but I got through it.

i like the old saying "Failing to plan is a plan to fail". I like it because its true. I almost failed. I really wasn't thinking about sunday being Mother's day as I planned on starting on Monday. Usually on Sunday we go to church, then go load up at breakfast, come home for a couple of hours worth of nap time then spend the remainder of the day doing chores and shopping. Well what i didn't account for was my wife wanting to go visit at her Mother's house after dinner on Sunday night. I shoulda known better. so i think i finally made it to the grocery store at around 10 pm. With my do or die shopping list in hand, I made my way up and down the aisles checking labels and checking my gut. I began mentally preparing myself for the coming onslaught of  fruits and vegetables. I tried to imagine a morning without the big cup of coffee with half & half and plenty of sugar. Oh boy. How am I going to do this???

So there I am at 11 something at night brewing up a pot of brown rice, putting together a meal plan and praying. I think i finally got to  bed sometime after 12, having bid a fond farewell to my pretzels, cheese, candy, milk, sugary cereal, crackers, soda, sugary drinks and all of the other stuff that got me where I am today. I very optimistically set my alarm for 6:45 am and dozed off into dream land.

Well, 6:45 came and so did the snooze button. it was well over an hour earlier than what I was used to, and the late night was playing tricks on my mind. But I did it. I got up (a little late) and got to it. I hit the kitchen and gobbled a piece of fruit while I set up my HRM and DVD. i set out my exercise mat and grabbed a bottle of water and a towel. I took a deep breath and hit play. Here goes nothing.

I was able to plow through the 20 + minutes of the YRG Energy workout without too much distress. I was quickly made aware of just how atrophied my muscles had became. I found myself taking a knee on a couple of instances and i could feel my blood squeezing and coursing through my clogging veins. I think i even caught an endorphin rush. I found out real quickly that either I'm technically challenged or the HRM is not very intuitive, but i digress. At the end of that first session, I'm laying there in pinfall position thinking..."Man, I have a long way to go". I got up feeling a sense of purpose and motivation, so I set my phaser on kill and got moving.

I'm not used to getting up early and making breakfast, but thankfully I'm rather adept in the kitchen. My body really didn't know what to do with all this stuff I was shoveling down my throat and it was a rather awkward experience. What I can tell you is that I got to work more alert, got a quicker start, moved more swiftly and overall felt better. The most important meal of the day? I think so.

I was surprised that all it took was another piece of fruit to tide me over until lunch, but it did. Now remember that I was up pretty late the night before, so I didn't prepare a lunch for the day. Now in days past, i would have abandoned ship right then and there and went and looked for something to eat at one of the many restaurants that flank my shop, But something compelled me to do otherwise. I made the short drive home and whipped out my fat reducing grilling machine. A quick flurry of assorted seasonings and the savory aroma of chicken filled the kitchen. Add some rice and veggies and voila! Lunch.

I took some more fruit to work with me to get me thru until dinner, but i was still bonking by late afternoon. I reviewed my YRG nutrition guide and realized that at both lunch and dinner they recommend that you consume a large salad or vegetable soup. Makes sense. I think I'll try that next time. I also think i need to re think some of the meal intervals and keep some raw veggies in the reefer to help in those times of hunger.

So by the time the work day was over, my body was in such a state of confusion that it started to shut down. Nap time. I got up and went and bought a couple of bags of mixed greens for salads (preparation = success) and whipped up some dinner. By the time i was ready for bed i could feel my body aching for some sort of sugar or carbs or something, but i retaliated by slugging back a glass of water and hitting the rack. 

All in all it was a good day. I never got panicked or frustrated. I know that this weekend will be a challenge so I need to start thinking of a plan to combat the bail-out mentality of compromise and stay on track. 50 lbs in 5 months. One day a at time.

DAY 1 Nutrition:
Breakfast: 8 am
Fruit - banana, 1 small, organic (7:15 am)
Protein - 2 eggs, large organic
Veg- diced bell pepper, onion and mushroom
Carb - 1 slice bread, whole wheat

Snack: 10:30 am
apple, 1 organic

Lunch: 1:00 pm
Protein - chicken breast, grilled (sea salt, black pepper, garlic, parsley, red chili powder, hot sauce)
Veg - broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, frozen organic
Carb - brown rice - 1 cup

Snack: 3:30 pm
peach, 1 medium

Dinner: 8:00 pm
Veg - Mixed green salad with sliced carrot, cucumber and radish (light balsamic vinaigrette)
Protein - chicken breast, grilled (see above)
Veg - (same as lunch)
Carb - brown rice, 1 cup

Water intake:
3/4 gallon (12 cups, 96 oz)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Christmas in May

Well, no sooner had I posted my last entry when in waltzed the mail delivery individual with an unsuspecting cardboard box. Could it be? Had my vehicle indeed arrived? Why, yes in fact it had.

I very unceremoniously separated the package's adhesive security enclosure and pried back the two flaps. I took a minute to reflect on this particular scenario. Here I am, a massively overweight, uber-macho know-it-all, who is consumed with giddiness over receiving a box of exercise videos. I almost let myself feel like a weenie, but i digress.

the interior of the package revealed a rather simple assortment of materials, just like pictured on the website. There was a booklet, poster, heart rate monitor and a box containing 5 individually packaged DVDs. I took a minute to look everything over. My first impression was that the materials were well produced, engaging and piqued my curiosity. I was completely enthralled by this point. I scanned the booklet briefly, tore into the discs and popped the first one into the computer.
I pause to remind you that i have been studying, but not applying the program for about two years. I engaged the routine for a couple of weeks and it was enjoyable. But something was missing. deep down inside i felt like i was missing something that makes the whole thing click. and i was right. when i started to watch the first disc, DDP was talking about something called Dynamic Resistance (DR). DR was the missing link that made the whole thing click. It all made much more sense once the DR concept was added into the mix. My guess is that this particular element was not a part of the routine when the book was released. Suffice it to say that there was enough emphasis on DR to count it an integral part of the routine. Now granted, i was already relatively familiar with the positions and such, but there is definitely some level of comfort in hearing and watching the pace in the vids. I do not believe that i should have any problems sliding back into the routine. 

When i first started in with the book, the workout plan part was a bit ambiguous in my estimation. I'm the type of guy that works best when i have a complete layout to work from. and that's exactly what was provided in the booklet. It outlines 3 different 13 week game plans for beginners up to advanced. It provides a great launching pad and reference point for progress and motivation.

I am glad that i have both the book and the vid set. Now i need a yoga mat. no problem. a quick to the local sporting goods store and i picked one up on sale for about 15 bucks.

Now, I thought the nutrition side was going to be a big difficulty, but as i read thru the booklet, it was very well spelled out and was much closer to what i already knew than some whole new paradigm. should be pretty easy once i get over the grease and cheese withdrawls. I was pretty surprised at a number of the allowances in the program. I used to eat like this every day. now to just do it.  

So here's what i'm in for at this point:
YRG book (autographed edition) $21.60
YRG video series (including shipping and tax) $86.03
workout mat $16.38 


I could never find a membership at a decent gym for a little over 10 bucks a month so i think i'm money ahead at this point. 


Friday, May 8, 2009

Seismic Shift.

That's what we need here, a paradigm shift of seismic proportion.

So i went ahead and ordered myself a website special retail packaging of YRG materials. In all honesty it was a last ditch effort. I really had no where else to turn. I know that i can't go back to my weight lifting routine, nor the nutritional regiment that goes along with lifting weights. I really did explore all the options. In the end, what I'm left with is YRG.

So how am i gonna make this thing take? Its gonna take a massive paradigm shift. I have to believe that this thing is GOING TO WORK. I have to shift away from the meathead mentality and into something new. I have to change my approach to diet. I have to change my approach to just about everything.

Massive Shift.

I can't expect to be able to run at it half speed and get there on time. I can't expect to put low grade fuel in the tank and achieve maximum performance. 

Seismic Shift.

Sometimes it just happens. You get hit by the wave that sweeps you off your feet. Sometimes you have to create the wave and jump in. 90% inspiration, 10% perspiration. 

I'm anxious, quite so. The same kind of anxious I had before i jumped on the BFL bus, excitement, enthusiasm. I'm checking the FedEx tracker to find out when my box of goodies is supposed to get here. i'm planning on going home and clearing out the fridge and pantry. i'm going to find a pair of 32's and hang 'em in plain site. Heck, I may even slide 'em half way up my fat thighs just for motivation. Guess i should go buy an exercise mat. I really need to take some pics of my fat ass and hang them on the fridge, the mirror, the scale and the closet. I just have to actually STAY on the bus this time. No 5 day fits of self deluded fancy. I was never fooling anyone.

Seriously, i feel like an over stuffed sausage, a fat, tired, stiff, bloated sausage stuffed into a mechanic's uniform. I have never missed 160 lbs. so much in my life! It really is now or never. I can almost feel my arteries clogging and my heart laboring under the weight of my hulking mass. I can feel posture beginning to slouch and my back wanting to hunch over like an old man. Its Hero Time. Time to give my wife back the man she married and then some!

I can feel the fault line quivering.


Countdown: May 11

Monday, May 4, 2009

2 years? really?

So I got to thinking the other day, and it dawned on me that its been 2 years since i bought a copy of YRG, got all excited, and started this silly blog. 

And still I've accomplished nothing. Well, i have managed to get a little more bloated and achieve an honest to goodness belly.

So i gave it some thought and i finally broke down and purchased the dvd set. In some small way i feel like a total weenie. I mean really. exercise videos? When i was on the bill phillips bus, it was me, my book and my go-for-it-ness. i lost the last part somewhere along the line. 

we have this saying at church... if it costs you something, it will be worth more to you. i guess this rings true here. if i'm paying my hard earned cashola to buy these little discs of encoded polymer, i might be more apt to actually watch and follow along.

i need to do something.

this neck thing is getting almost unbearable. my attitude stinks. i feel like crap. i'm stiff as a board. my knees are creaking.

waiting for a delivery.