Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 6 Results. Steady as She Goes.

Week 6 Day 1
Weight: 200 lbs

Week 7 Day 1
Weight: 197 lbs

Net weight loss 3 lbs

Total Weight Loss
24 lbs

Below the Belt MWF
Fat Burner TTH
Red Hot Core T

Had a pretty rough week. The weekend before was super busy and i had no time to make it to the grocery store. luckily i stocked up the week before so i was good on the basics. I had something going EVERY night after work so alot of my routine went right out the window. I ate almost every lunch and dinner out. Kept it cool by keeping Pollo Loco an Chicken Dijon in business. Had to fall back on nutrition bars a little more than i would have liked to, but it beats the alternatives.

Haven't slowed down one bit. Hope to hit my exercise routine a little more solid this week and get in all of the RHC core workouts that i scheduled.

Monday, June 15, 2009


If you haven't caught it yet, there's this new reality series on called "Obsessed". In a nutshell, it follows people who deal with rather severe cases of OCD.

Now, let's be honest here. most of us don't watch shows like this because we are that terribly interested in OCD. We watch them for two reasons, 1: the freak show, 2: It makes us feel better about ourselves... I may be screwed up, but I'm not as bad as THAT guy... Its tough to admit, but you know I'm right.

Well the other day there was this guy whose compulsion had to do with his health... he'd workout 8 times a day and take al these pills and crazy regulated diet, all in the name of health. It got me thinking.

I'm a self admitted extremist. I have a hard time doing something if I can't do it 110%. same goes for YRG. In the past I'd fall into the trap of telling myself that if I cant do it 100% 'by the book', I might as well not do it. So consequentially when I would get into panic situations like not having the exact right food or not being able to workout at the exact scheduled time, I would have some kind of anxiety attack and throw it all out the window. As a result i never had more than about a week in before the seams started to come apart. 

So what am I trying to say? You can't live in the real world without being reasonable and flexible. I live a life on the go. I'm pretty much a 7 am to 11 pm type guy. Nonstop. I'm constantly on the run and rarely have time to stop and breathe. Add to that the fact that my wife, family and friends all love to be out all the time. Movies, dinner, Disneyland, you name it, I wind up out in the real world. And i would start to panic. What if there's nothing clean to eat? I would get all phobic about preservatives and hidden fat and sugar and gluten, and I would get all panicked that everything i had achieved up to this point would all be ruined if  I unwittingly ingested some foreign no-no food.

I mean after all, i made a DECISION and a COMMITMENT to eat clean with NO cheats for 3 months with a six month option depending on how I'm feeling. I mean what happens if I wind up in a situation where I have to eat and it falls just outside the lines of eating perfectly clean? Have I just blown it? Am I a FAILURE!?!?! Can i ever recover from the deviation, or am I forever lost to a life of caving in? 

The answer, of course, is no.

Let's face it. If you can't learn to live in the real world, this is going to be such a struggle that you will either give up or go nuts. I have learned to adapt.

The first thing I had to do was get ahold of my mind. Yes, this is extremely important. It is so important that i am willing to do what it takes to make sure I don't fail. I had to settle it in my mind that I will do my 110% best to the best of my ability when I can and do the best I can when I cant. I had to realize that a few extra fat grams here or there aren't going to KILL me. I had to settle it in my mind that eating at odd intervals or in odd combinations is not going to destroy my progress. I had to reassure myself that I'm going to do just fine.

The second thing I had to do was Arm Myself for success. I make sure that i keep a bag of trail mix or mixed nuts, a piece of fruit and some sort of nutrition bar with me at all times. I had to combine my new mental stability with good decision making. No matter where you go nowadays, there is some sort of 'healthy alternative'. I also try to pick places where I already KNOW i can find something suitable. Chicken salads are great. Salsa is a great substitute for fat loaded dressings. Sometimes I have to pass on a burger and munch on some carrots. people look at me like I'm crazy, but what they're really saying is "there's no way i could commit like THAT guy". 

When you combine sense and discipline, you get results. I have managed to stick to my guns for 5 full weeks. None of my fears were realized. I have not slowed down one bit. I have not been poisoned by some renegade preservative, and I'm living in the real world. Successfully. 

I have averted both obsession and breakdown by taking a balanced, realistic approach to YRG. My YRG reality is defined by me. I am getting everything out of it that i put into it, and i'm inspired to do more and more and better and better.

Week 5 Results... Milestones

Week 5 Day 1
Weight 204 Lbs

Week 6 Day 1
Weight 200 Lbs

Net Weight Loss 4 Lbs

Total Weight Loss Weeks 1-5 21 Lbs

Reached a few milestones this week. Dropped the first 20 and i hit 200 lbs. I'm a legit 36 inch waist and i'm still going strong. No cheats, no failures. 160 here i come, and ahead of schedule!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 4 Results

Week 4 Day 1
Weight: 207 Lbs

Week 5 Day 1
Weight: 204 Lbs

Net Loss: 3 Lbs

Total Weight Loss: 17 Lbs

Below the Belt MWF
Fat Burner TTH

Friday, June 5, 2009

If the suit fits...

REJOICE!!! With my niece's party coming up on saturday, i figured i had better check the fit on my suit.... suits.... I HATE wearing suits. Actually i hate any form of dress that requires me to button my shirt all the way up and install an inverted noose under the collar. its ironic because i really do look sharp in formal attire, but I swore to myself years ago that i would never get myself into a position in life that requires the necessity of a formal uniform on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong. I really love the way a well cut suit looks on a distinguished gentleman, its just not for me. but i digress. So two years ago we went on a cruise and my wife insisted that i buy a suit. OK. So we went shopping and of course i had a very difficult time finding anything that suits me (NPI). My tastes run a little more to the Desi Arnaz/Dean Martin side of town, But i found one i could stomach and it looked pretty good. I wore it that one night and it has hung in the closet ever since. I slowly out grew it and i KNEW it wouldn't have fit if i tried it on 4 weeks ago. I couldn't see spending what a new suit costs and i won't buy a cheap suit because i don't want to look like I'm wearing a cheap suit. For me it was easier to lose 15 lbs than to spend on something i'd probably never wear again. Moment of truth... I slid the pants up and much to my delight they buttoned right up without having to suck it in!!!! In fact they fit better than when i bought the suit! HOT DIGGITY!!! It's these little moments that lend so much inspiration and motivation. It makes me wanna get up early to crawl around on the floor and contort and strain and eat chicken. Take it from a recovering fat slob... YRG WORKS!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It Must Be Suit Weather...

Truth be told, aside from feeling like a fat slob for 5 years, this whole thing started because my wife was hounding me to drop some weight for my nieces quinceanera (15th birthday party). I had 4 weeks to get back into my suit, and i was against a wall. Now I know how my body reacts when i put it in gear but i had no direction. What i can tell you is that as i approach the end of week 4, I am so freaking motivated and excited about my personal fitness. 9 years ago it was about vanity, having a beach body and chicks. Now as a very happily married guy on my way to 40, the good looking body is simply a plus. So the party is this weekend and although this week has been NUTZ, what with all the preparations for the party and all, i've managed to soldier on. I have had to face some of my anxieties and live in the real world eating wise, but I've been a rock and have managed to not slip or cheat. I am DETERMINED to lose another 45 lbs and i know i will do it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Change of Sorts... My Taste buds.

Change your habits, change your life. Its an old mantra that while true has unexpected consequences. 

I've been eating pretty much nothing but fresh vegetables, both raw and steamed, for the last few weeks. Well the other day I was in a pinch and reached in the freezer for a bag of frozen veggies from the local supermarket. They had the ol' Organic stamp on the package so i zapped them and proceeded to dig in. I couldn't believe how AWFUL they tasted! Mind you, i've been eating and loving frozen veggies for years and years, but this go around, i could taste the freeze and weak quality of the product. BLECH! If my taste has grown this sensitive without all of the poison, i wonder how my taste buds will react when i try a slice of pizza or a double-double.....

In the mean time, its mountains of fresh veggies for me from now on!

Week 3 Results

Week 2 Day 1
Weight 210

Week 3 Day 1
Weight 207

Wet weight loss 3 lbs

Total Weight Loss 14 lbs

Rocking it!

Fat Burner MWF
Below the Belt TTh