Monday, April 5, 2021

Its Getting Hard to Keep Track of All These Week Ones.

 Week 1 Check In.

Start Weight 232.1
Goal Weight 155
Week 1 Weigh In 221.7
Net Loss 10.5 Lbs

Workouts 03/29-04/05
M - Energy 2.0
T - Fat Burner 2.0
W - Energy 2.0
TH - Energy 2.0
F - Below The Belt
S - Fat Burner 2.0

Nutrition - Keto/IF Pretty proud of myself. Now granted, this isn't the first time I've l've done this. In fact, I've done this off and on since 2007, when I bought YRG as a print copy. Back in '09 After I bought the YRG DVDs, I dropped 50 Lbs in 5 months from 220 - 170, but not too long after I jumped off the deep end and went back to all my old habits. in 2018 I peaked at 270 Lbs. I dropped 50 and have been waffling back between 220 and 235 since then. Its crazy. I can do week 1 with my eyes closed. But its carrying it out past that where the problem lies. I usually find myself compromising a little here and there until the compromise overpowers the will to be and do better. No big deal, right? I got this. I can just start over again on Monday, or the Monday after that or....
Truthfully since '09 I never really wanted to do it, I just did it to keep my wife quiet. But she's not dumb and she knows what's up. She would call me out on the regular and I could only bluff her so much. And that went on and on and on for years. So here we are today.

I know how to get results. I also know me. I'm not really sure what exactly shifted to get my ass in gear, but i'm sure it will come to me in the weeks to come. In the mean time, I just gotta keep getting after it. One week down 26 to go. I've only ever really done 90 day challenges so for a guy who usually cant wait to go out and blow it all when the challenge ends, 6 months is a way off, But I'm encouraged by week 1 results. I put together a plan and I stuck with it. I feel better about myself, and for the first time in a LOOOOOONG time, I have a bright outlook for the future. I can already picture myself at 155 in size 32 pants and a medium shirt, which I haven't fit into since about the turn of the century. But don't think for a minute that I don't still have some of them old clothes sitting in wait for that day. Actually, I kept all my skinnier and fatter clothes because I knew one day I'd eventually get my crap together and I didn't want to have to buy transitional clothes that would soon enough be too big. Its easy when your wardrobe has consisted of t-shirts, dickies and plaid button downs for as long as I can remember. I remember what it felt like to do a closet raid and throw out all my 2XL stuff and 40-42" pants, and I'm looking forward to pitching my XL shirts and 38" pants within a month. Hot diggity this man is on fire! I haven't had any time to post my day 1 pics, but I will. I hate working from my phone so I need to get out in my home office and get everything straight. Anyhow Friends, Keep on Keepin' On!! Get Some!!

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